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Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2016

Stockholm Sangeet Conference 15 - 17 October

Ten years Jubilee

2016 we celebrate the 10th Stockholm Sangeet Conference with three days of festival, the special jubilee project Stockholm Sangeet Allstars, the Childrens Sangeet Conference, an Open Stage day at Stallet, an art and photo exhibition and of course a lot of extraordinary indian classical music and dance at Musikaliskas main stage on the 16th of October!

Among the artists the remarkable Akkarai Sisters, famous for their virtuosity on violin and vocal as well and vocalist Sawani Shende, known for her mesmerizing crystal clear diction of khyal, can be seen, among many othersSee the full program here and read about the artists hereTickets are available at

Most welcome!

Moa Danielson Grimstad, producer

Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2016 is organized by Stockholm Sangeet in collaboration with Länsmusiken i Stockholm/Musikaliska, Farhang Förening, Movement in Exile, Stallet Folk & Världsmusik, Search Indie, Kulturskolan Stockholm, Indcen Resor and Best Western Time Hotel with support from Stockholms Stads Kulturförvaltning, Statens Musikverk, Kulturrådet and Indian Embassy of Sweden and Latvia.









Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2016

Musikaliska Concert hall and Stallet
October 15, 2016

Program Schedule

A day for the children and families at Stallet, Stallgatan 6.

12.00 - Den lilla fiskaren

Långsjö Teater with kathakali dancer Magdolna Beky Winnerstam will give a dance drama family performance (suitable for children approximately 4 - 8 years). After the performance the children can participate in a kathakali dance workshop with Magdolna Beky Winnerstam. Tickets: Children 60 SEK, Adults 100 SEK. At Stallet, Stallgatan 7. The venue is available for wheelchairs.

Tabla virtuoso Rahul Pophali will show the world of indian rhythms for children and youngsters. At Stallet, Stallgatan 7. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Free entrance.

A day of Indian classical music and dance at Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11. Celebrate the 10 year Jubilee with us! Before, between and after the performances, enjoy art, photos, film, food, drinks and the company of a lot of people who love Indian classical music and dance! Tickets at Full prize 280 SEK. Student and pensioners: 200 SEK.

14.30 - Doors open. Art and photo exhibition.

We will start celebrating the 10 year jubilee with an art and photo exhibition in the Clara Schumann hall, next to the foajé. The exhibition will show the works of artist Annika Heed as well as photos and film from the history of Stockholm Sangeet Conference. The bar in the foajé will be open and serve light food, snacks and drinks. To be sure to get food or drinks quickly in the pauses you can order in advance from 14.30. Make your order in the bar. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs.

The indian classical dance form kathakali from Kerala is known for its spectacular costume, an art form of its own. The dressing of the dancers demands a lot of time and knowledge. This year the audience of SSC will have the opportunity to attend the last phase of the kathakali dancer Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstams transformation into the character Draupadi for the afternoons performance. Welcome! Venue: Hildegard room, Musikaliska

The tenth edition of Stockholm Sangeet Conference will take place at the beautiful Grand Stage of Musikaliska. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. A representative of the Indian Embassy will inaugurate the festival.

Stockholm Sangeet Conference celebrates the tenth anniversary of the festival with a unique special performance. The cream of Sweden’s Indian classical artists and dancers have come together to perform a brand new piece especially composed for SSC 2016! Performed by: Stian Grimstad (sitar, composition), Suranjana Ghosh (tabla, composition), Arun Venkitaran (violin, composition), Ulrika Larsen (choreography, odissi dance), Magdolna Beky Winnerstam (kathakali dance), Parvin Kumar (mrdangam), KG Westman (sitar, composition), S. Srinidhi Bharadwaj (bharatanatyam dance), Hugo Widén (tabla), Kalle Lotta Mossige-Norheim (harmonium), Sweatha Balasundaram (bharatanatyam dance), Usha Balasundaram (coreography), Moa Danielson Grimstad (santoor), Edith Humble (odissi dance), Archana Roy (bansuri).

Light food and drinks will be available in the foajé. For quicker service, make your order in advance in the bar. Sculptures of artist Annika Heed and photos from Stockholm Sangeet Conference highlights will be exhibited in Clara Shumann hall adjacent to the foajé.

A vocal recital of north indian classical music. Aswan Shende (vocal), Shirang Mirajkar (tabla), Rahul Gole (harmonium).

Odissi dance performance

Light food and drinks will be available in the foajé. For quicker service, make your order in advance in the bar. Sculptures of artist Annika Heed and photos from Stockholm Sangeet Conference highlights will be exhibited in Clara Shumann hall adjacent to the foajé.

Tabla solo recital. Rahul Pophali (tabla), Kg Westman (harmonium).

A violin jugalbandi of carnatic music. S Subhalakshmi Akkarai - violin. S Sornalatha Akkarai – violin. B Shree Sundarkumar – mrdangam

After the end of the concerts of the day, the celebration will go on with art and music! Light food and drinks will be available in the foajé. Sculptures of artist Annika Heed and photos from Stockholm Sangeet Conference highlights will be exhibited in Clara Shumann hall adjacent to the foajé. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs.

A day of Indian culture at Stallet, Stallgatan 7. See the future generation of artists at the Childrens Sangeet Conference, take part in odissi workshop and gather to enjoy music and dance, mingle or to perform yourself at Open Stage!

17.00-19.00 - Odissi workshop

Dance workshop in Odissi- East Indian classical dance. Open for all with or without previous training in Odissi. Stockholm Sangeet Conference and Farhang invites the renown dancer and teacher Sarita Mishra from Bangalore. Sarita will introduce the participants in Odissi basics steps and focus on Abhinaya, narrative dance with facial expressions and hand gestures (mudra). Odissi is practiced with bare feet and make sure to wear comfortable and stretchable clothes for movement. Free admission but register to (Ulrika Larsen). Venue: Clara Schumann salen at Musikaliska, Nybrokajen 11.

Children and youngsters in indian classical music and dance from Kulturskolan Stockholm, Shrutilaya Centre for Indian Music, Kalakendra Academy et al perform at Stallet, Stallgatan 7. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Free entrance.

The stage of Stallet is open for anyone who wants to share a piece of music, dance or other culture expression with connection to indian culture. Food and drinks will be available. The venue is accessible for wheelchairs. Free entrance.


Some highlights from Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2016 - ten years jubilee!


Some photos from Stockholm Sangeet 2016 - ten years Jubilee.


Akkarai Sisters

Akkarai Sisters, S Subhalakshmi and S Sornalatha, are among India�s most distinguished musicians today. Hailing from a family with a rich musical background and having learnt under illustrious gurus, they are sought after worldwide for their violin and vocal duets, as well as for their violin accompaniment for many an eminent artiste.

Sawani Shende

North indian khyal vocalist Sawani Shende, based in Pune, is one of the most respected artists of the younger generation today. She made her first debut at the age of 10 and is today winner of multiple awards and touring extensively over the world. Sawani�s music is a beautiful soul searching journey where she mesmerizes audiences with pure yet aesthetical rendering of the Raga. Sawani�s confidence and mastery in khyals, her crystal clear diction and overall sensitivity in presentation takes every performance to a very high aesthetic level.

Sarita Mishra

Sarita Mishra from Bhubaneswar started to dance the east indian temple dance odissi at the tender age of four. Her mesmerizing stage performances is lyrical and a pleasure for the eye of the connoisseur of indian classical dance. Sarita Mishra takes her audience for a journey to the origin of odissi in the temple of the maharin. Sarika is a sought after dancer not only in India but all over the world and when she is not touring she creates her own dance productions and teaches odissi in Bangalore where she is based. For the first time Sweden will get the opportunity to experience the dance of Sarita Mishra.

Rahul Pophali

Rahul Pophali, based in Bangalore, is one of the most versatile tabla players in today's younger generation. A dazzling performer and an incessant innovator, Rahul has carved a niche for himself in the world of percussion music. At a young age he grasped the intricacies of the Delhi, Farukhabad and Lucknow gharanas but finally chose to immerse himself into the Punjab gharana style under Pt. Nishikant Barodekar (senior disciple of Ustad Alla Rakha and Ustad Zakir Hussain).

Suranjana Ghosh

Suranjana Ghosh (India/Sweden) A minister of the Lucknow tabla tradition and one of India's few female professional tabla players. One of our big artists who masters a huge spectrum of musical styles -Indian as well as western.

Arun Venkitaram

Arun Venkitaraman is a violinist in the South Indian Carnatic music tradition. Arun started his initial training under Smt. Late. Vijayam Ramaswami of Navi Mumbai. He is currently under the guidance of Smt. Vasantha Kannan from Chennai, in the Lalgudi style of violin playing. Arun has been pursuing his doctorate in Electrical Engineering from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm since 2013, after completing his Masters from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India. Arun has given numerous solo and accompaniment recitals at various prestigious venues in India.

Palace On Wheels

Stian Grimstad (sitar), Hugo Widén (tabla) and KG Westman (sitar) with guests Kalle Lotta Mossige Norheim (harmonium) and Moa Danielson Grimstad (santoor).

Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstam

Maria Magdolna Beky Winnerstam is a trained kathakali dancer/actor. She got her degree at Margi Kathakali School, Trivandrum, Kerala in 2004 and her teacher was Kottakkal Ravikumar. Since then Maria has performed traditional choreographies in Sweden and Hungary. Also, as an artisctic director of a multidisciplinary theatre, Långsjö teater, Maria uses many aspects of the kathakali technique in various theatre productions when directing and acting.

Ulrika Larsen

Ulrika Larsen is one of the leading Odissi dancers in Sweden, educated in classical Indian dance as an ICCR scholar in India during six years. She has been touring and performing Odissi- East Indian classical dance in Sweden, India and Ukraine since 1999. Her organisation Odissi Dansproduktion creates dance productions for adults and children in classical Odissi and contemporary performing arts that incorporate indian classical dance. Ulrika and Edith Humble has recently toured in India, including the Bahai Lotus temple, at the Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony and Stockholm Sangeet Conference to name a few occations.

Edith Humble

Edith Humble learned Odissi from Ulrika Larsen and later from eminent gurus in India and UK. She is now a performing artist on her own. Edith has recently toured together with Ulrika in India, including the Bahai Lotus temple, at Stockholm Water Prize Ceremony and Stockholm Sangeet Conference to name a few occations.

Swaetha Balasundaram

Bharatanatyam dance

S. Srinidhi Bharadwaj

Bharatanatyam dance

Parvin Kumar


Shrirang Mirajkar


Rahul Gole


B Shree Sundarkumar


Archana Roy



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