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Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2013

Have a look at some of the performances of Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2013 here
Moa Danielson Grimstad producer, Stockholm Sangeet Conference
SSC 2013  is presented by Stockholm Sangeet in cooperation with Farhang Förening, Stallet Folk och Världsmusik, Södra Teatern, Musikaliska and Search Indie with support from Stockholms Stad, Kulturrådet, Best Western Times Hotel and the Indian Embassy of Sweden and Latvia.









Stockholm Sangeet Conference 2013

Södra Teatern
September 29, 2013

Program Schedule

SSC 2013 will be inagurated by Mrs. Banashri Bose Harrison Ambassador of India to Sweden and Latvia

Kishore Ghosh (India) –pakhawaj Suranjana Ghosh (India/Sweden) –tabla

Devika Rao (India/Great Britain) –kuchipudi dance

Palace on wheels (vocal and sitar) Shipra Nandy (India/Sweden) -vocal Stian Grimstad (Norway/Sweden) -sitar KG Westman (Sweden) -sitar Hugo Widén (Sweden) -tabla

Madhuri Chattopadhyay (India/Germany) -violin Suranjana Ghosh (India/Sweden) -tabla

Uday Bhawalkar (India) –vocal Nathanaël van Zuilen (the Netherlands) -pakhawaj




Uday Bhawalkar

Uday Bhawalkar (India) is one of India's greatest singers of the old north Indian dhrupad-style. He has studied for 12 years at the feet of great Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. Uday Bhawalkar will be accompanied on the north Indian drum Pakhawaj by Nathanaël van Zuilen.

Madhuri Chattopadhyay

Madhuri Chattopadhyay (India/Germany) is an Indian violinist based in Berlin. She was the student of the legendary violin player V.G. Jog and she is now considered one of the top names of musicians performing Indian classical music in Europe. She's been giving concerts since 1976 and teaches and performs all over the world.

Devika Rao

Devika Rao (India/Great Britain) is a passionate and talented Indian dancer and choreographer within various classical Indian styles. At SSC 2013 she will perform Kuchipudi, the graceful classic tradition from Andra Pradesh. After more than 1200 performances the past 2 decades, Devika Rao owns a true experience in both choreography and dancing.

Suranjana Ghosh

Suranjana Ghosh (India/Sweden) a minister of the Lucknow tabla tradition, is one of India's few female professional tabla players. One of our big artists who masters a huge spectrum of musical styles -indian as well as western.

Kishore Ghosh

Kishore Ghosh (India) is a skilled pakhawaj player who has achieved many different musical prices. His rich playing style with complex rhythmic patterns and a wide repertoire has won recognition all over the world.

Palace on Wheels

Palace on wheels consists of Stian Grimstad -sitar, KG Westman -sitar and Hugo Widén -tabla

Shipra Nandy

Shipra Nandy is one of our greatest Indian singers in Sweden. Through many years of playing together, in concerts in Sweden and abroad, the members of Palace on wheels have truly taken the ”jugalbandi” to a high level.


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